Functional beverage

Growing numbers of people appreciate the ability of beverages to provide them with nutrition, convenience and enjoyment in one portable package.

This means there is a significant opportunity for beverage companies to formulate ready-to-drink functional beverages that can provide advanced health benefits and which will resonate with consumers.

To help them do this, Weishardt has developed a range of Naticol® natural fish collagen peptides suitable for use in a wide variety of drinks, including juices, waters, infusions, coffee beverages and milk-based products, as well as no- and low-alcohol beers.

Rich in high quality protein, Naticol® has been shown to deliver joint health, skin care and weight management benefits in several scientific studies.

As well as delivering these proven health benefits, Weishardt’s Naticol® solutions are easy to formulate into affordable functional beverages that are convenient and pleasant to drink