Other pharmaceutical applications

Besides hard and soft capsules, Weishardt’s gelatines are perfect for use in a number of other pharmceutical and medical applications.


Gelatine performs as a binding and a coating agent in tablets, ensuring the integrity of the product is maintained throughout its shelf life.

Surgical oburators

The use of surgical obturators made with gelatine is common in orthopedic surgery. The obturator is absorbed into the body, which reduces the risk of rejection of a foreign material.

Haemostatic sponges

Used in many surgical procedures, haemostatic sponges do not have to be removed from the patient because they can be absorbed into the body. Gelatine is used in the manufacture of haemostatic sponges because it facilitates the migration of new cells, accelerating healing.

Ostomy bags

In ostomy bags, which are used by colostomy patients, gelatine acts as an adhesive between the bag and the skin. Gelatine’s composition is very similar to human skin collagen, which improves comfort and tolerance and allows prolonged use.