Our team

Proud to be a family business for more than 175 years, Weishardt filled its ranks with people from a wide variety of backgrounds, perfectly skilled, creative and devoted.

We believe in promoting a spirit of cooperation and openness that feeds creativity and success.  Everyone contributes, everyone has ideas and everyone has a voice.

More than just an ingredients supplier, we are committed to help our customers to develop innovative and on-trend products that will prosper in today’s competitive market.  We are product innovation partners for our customers, researching innovation roadmaps that align user insights, market trends allowing to make people’s lives easier.

This means that when you choose to work with Weishardt, you can benefit from the know-how and expertise of our diverse and experienced team.

Whether you’re looking for technical support, market insights or regulatory advice, we have colleagues who are competent in any field.

 We are running the business together in respecting the value of each employee and each departement, because this is our strength to move forward to new horizons.