Cold soluble gelatine

Weishardt’s cold soluble gelatine delivers all the benefits of standard gelatine but with the added advantage of improved solubility.

It is produced according to the highest standards of food quality and safety using a specific process that results in enhanced solubility. In all other ways it is the same as gelatines made using traditional methods.

Cold soluble gelatine is available as a very fine 60 mesh powder with gel strengths ranging from 150 to 300 Bloom.

It is designed for those occasions when minimising the use of heat is desirable to protect the integrity of the end product, and therefore faster gelatine solubility would be an advantage.

Potential applications for Weishardt’s cold soluble gelatine are aerated formulations such as Bavarian creams, fruit and chocolate mousses and whipped creams.

Others include instant powdered desserts, baking preparations, pastry bases, sweet.

Nutritional profile

Average value for 100g
Energy 1588 kj
Energy 380 kCal
Proteins 95 g
Moisture 4,8 g
Carbohydrate 0
Sugar 0
Total fats 0
Saturated fats 0
Dietary fibers 0
Ash 0,2 g
Sodium 0,1 g
Vitamins 0

Amino acid composition

(Values are expressed in percentage of each amino acid reported to all amino acids)