Weishardt is committed to sustainable business practices, which means protecting the world in which business is done and safeguarding the welfare of its employees and surrounding communities.

Weishardt has a comprehensive CSR programme in place, which is rigorously implemented worldwide at its sales offices and manufacturing facilities.

All factories have been inspected or evaluated by Sedex, a global organisation dedicated to advancing ethical business practices.

Weishardt’s approach places emphasis on the following commitments :

Reduce our impact on the environnement
Minimizing the use of water and energy and decreasing levels of waste
take care of a safe, healthy and successuful work
Providing a healthy working environment by ensuring the respect of safety and hygiene procedures at all times
Respect business ethics
Maintaining a collaborative and transparent dialogue with customers, suppliers and the regulatory authorities at all times
Protect employees
Allow employees to develop, prosper and reach their full potential without any discrimination