Naticol®, collagen peptides

Weishardt, historically recognized as a producer of gelatine, now also offers marine collagen peptides with its exclusive Naticol® range.

This exclusive range of natural origin is the result of extensive expertise and a constant search for quality. It is produced from top quality raw materials, using a gentle enzymatic process that guarantees a unique amino acid profile. This distinctive profile gives Naticol® increased effectiveness, making it an ingredient of choice for dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages.

The versatility of Naticol® is one of its major assets. It is not only water-soluble, but also odorless and neutral in taste, which makes it compatible with a multitude of products. Whether in food supplements, confectionery, snacks, baked goods, soups, sauces, purees, dairy products or even in a variety of drinks, Naticol® fits perfectly while maintaining its beneficial properties.

The benefits of Naticol® do not stop at its technical qualities. Clinical studies conducted by Weishardt have demonstrated its positive impact on skin beauty, by slowing down the visible effects of ageing (vérifier si sur le site internet on met généralement aging ou ageing puis harmoniser). In addition, as a source of protein, it contributes to maintain normal bones and to develop muscle mass, making it a real “super-ingredient”.

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