Gelatine test

Gelatine is a 100% natural, safe and healthy ingredient that is widely used in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

Gelatine is a versatile ingredient with multiple functional properties that make it special & unique. In cold water, it swells, transforming the liquid into a gel structure. In hot water, it is completely soluble.

Gelatine contains 85% to 95% protein and eight of the nine key amino acids essential for the normal functioning of the human body.

Gelatine contains no fat, no sugar, nor cholesterol. According to European Regulation, gelatine is not considered as an additive and therefore does not have an E-number. Furthermore, it has a GRAS status (Generally Recognized as Safe) according to FDA. You can download our safety information sheet here.

Gelatine main functionalities include :

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Jelly confectionery

The gelling property of gelatine makes it possible to transform a product from a liquid form into a “gel” structure . The gel that is obtained with the gelatine is thermo reversible. This is without doubt one of the most interesting qualities of gelatine. When a gelatine solution is cooled, the viscosity gradually increases and it goes from “solution” form to “gel” form. Vice versa, if the gel is reheated, it dissolves and returns to a liquid form. Contrary to most hydrocolloids, gelatine gels independently of the pH and does not require the presence of other reagents. The sol/gel conversion is reversible and can be repeated several times.

Film forming

Spread thinly, gelatine will go from its « sol » to its « gel » state and can create a film that is valuable in applications such as hard & soft capsules and micro-encapsulation

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Adding gelatine to a solution increases its viscosity and thicken it

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Gelatine’s foaming power means it can significantly increase the volume of a mixture of ingredients


Gelatine helps to obtain homogeneous mixtures of non-miscible components such as oil and water in a formulation


In gel form, gelatine will stabilise and protect colloidal solutions and emulsions. This stabilising property of gelatine is often better than for other natural polymers

Gelatine other properties include : Coating, texture enhancement, syneresis prevention and adhesion. It is a multi-functional ingredient and may be used for a number of its properties .