When it comes to eating dairy desserts and pastries, texture is as important as taste, as texture is a key to invoke a perception of pleasure, which goes hand in hand with the consumer’s enjoyment.

Weishardt offers the STABI range of texturizing solutions for dairy desserts & pastry applications:

STABI usage in dairy & desserts

whipped cream
whipped cream Stabilizing agents for formulating a whipped cream that will hold decoration longer
jelly Gelling agents for jelly desserts
mousse Stabilizing and gelling agents for refrigerated and frozen mousses, as well as Bavarian cream
panna cotta
panna cotta Thickeners for Panna Cotta
Tart glaze
Tart glaze Powder preparations to be used in tart glaze
dairy products
dairy products Texturizing and stabilizing agents, which bring firmness and syneresis control

Choose Weishardt’s STABI blends for dairy desserts and pastries to guarantee an excellent eating experience every time.