Weishardt’s GELAROME® is a range of high quality ready to use powder mixes to enhance the appearance, taste, texture and stability of cooked meat and delicatessen products, with the aim of an appealing improvement.

High in protein and fat free, GELAROME® products have an excellent nutritional profile.

gelarome® usage showcase


Versatility of GELAROME® allows to develop products ranging from soft to high gelling ability


Spread inside hot cooked meat products such as head cheese, pork pies, tongue loafs…

Top glazes

Evenly applied on the surface of pâtés, terrines and liver mousses…

full glazes

Evenly applied around meat loaf with various shapes

Cooking glazes

Stable at high temperature, to produce pasteurised products

All GELAROME® impart a transparent gloss to final product with very good flavour release. Available colourless or golden.

Textural properties of GELAROME® perform excellent sliceability and minimize loss of moisture avoiding cracking.

Vegetable versions are available.

Special GELAROME® for frozen products provide freeze thaw stability to glaze or filling.

Flexibility is a key quality of the GELAROME® range, with solutions offered for jellies of all kinds. Custom solutions are also available to suit tailor made applications. Please ask.

GELAROME® can be formulated without ‘E numbers’. To find out more about clean label range, please ask.

For the highest quality meat fillings and glazes,
choose Gelarome®.