Pig skin gelatine

Whatever your application requirements, Weishardt has the perfect pig skin gelatine for you.

Weishardt’s Type A gelatines are supplied with gel strenghts ranging from 130 to 300 Bloom, and in particle sizes between 6 and 100 mesh.

Both pharmaceutical and food grade pig skin gelatines are available.

pig skin gelatine usage showcase

Jelly confectionery
Jelly confectionery
Gelatine 240 to 280 Bloom, grain or powder
Specificity : low viscosity, crystal clear
aerated confectionery
aerated confectionery
Gelatine 200 to 250 Bloom, grain or powder
Specificity : Foaming ability
Gelatine 150 to 200 Bloom, powder
Specificity : foaming ability
130 to 250 Bloom, fine powder
Specificity : fast-dissolving
Hard capsules
Hard capsules
Gelatine 240 to 280 Bloom, grain
Specificity : high viscosity
soft capsules
soft capsules
Gelatine 160 to 220 Bloom, grain
Specificity : controlled viscosity

Nutritional profile

Average value for 100g
Energy 1488 kj
Energy 356 kCal
Proteins 89 g
Moisture 10,8 g
Carbohydrate 0
Sugar 0
Total fats 0
Saturated fats 0
Dietary fibers 0
Ash 0,2 g
Sodium 0,1 g
Vitamins 0

Amino acid composition

(Values are expressed in percentage of each amino acid reported to all amino acids)