Organic gelatine

Weishardt’s organic gelatine opens the door to a host of new opportunities in the growing organic food sector.

It is a Type A gelatine available with gel strengths ranging from 220 to 250 Bloom, and in particle sizes of 6 and 20 mesh. It is compatible with all of the same applications as non-organic gelatine.

Weishardt’s organic gelatine is produced exclusively from raw materials sourced in Europe and certified as organic.

Weishardt carries a valid Certificate of Compliance with European Regulation 834/2007/EC relating to organic farming, issued by the certification body ECOCERT.

Nutritional profile

Average value for 100g
Energy 1488 kj
Energy 356 kCal
Proteins 89 g
Moisture 10,8 g
Carbohydrate 0
Sugar 0
Total fats 0
Saturated fats 0
Dietary fibers 0
Ash 0,2 g
Sodium 0,1 g
Vitamins 0
Agriculture Biologique

Please feel free to download our ORGANIC certificate from ECOCERT below :

Amino acid composition

(Values are expressed in percentage of each amino acid reported to all amino acids)