Meat and charcuterie

In charcuterie applications Weishardt’s ACIMIX® blends deliver excellent functionality.

They enhance and preserve your cooked and cured meat products.

Weishardt’s laboratory carries out many test for the development of new mixes. Our aim is to formulate by minimizing additives and simplifying labelling.

We offer a wide selection of ACIMIX® solutions for charcuterie :

Brine mixes

Injection curing mixes for meat products, which deliver increased yields, enhance taste and extend shelf life

Complete blends for raw sausages

Flavour and preservative blends for raw sausages

Mixes for pouring sauces

Mixes for pouring sauces, suitable for serving at both hot and cold temperatures

Binding mixes for pâtés

Binding mixes for pâtés and mousses that increase hold, firmness and stability

Customized solutions

Customized solutions for various applications

All of our mixes guarantee optimal results in all kinds of recipes.

So if you’re looking for premium blends for your charcuterie products, look no further than Weishardt’s ACIMIX® range.