Functional food

Consumers have busier lifes than ever and want food that’s convenient, healthy and tastes great.

Weishardt’s product development experts have created two inspiring functional food solutions to help companies realize the potential of Naticol®, Weishardt’s exclusive range of natural fish collagen peptides.

Rich in high quality protein, Naticol® has been shown to increase joint health, skin care and weight management benefits in several scientific studies.


Cook&Care is an innovative 90% collagen blend easy to incorporate into a wide range of sweet and savoury recipes to transform ordinary foods into functional foods.

Formulated with Weishardt’s Naticol® natural fish collagen peptides, Cook&Care delivers outstanding benefits related to beauty-from-within, as Naticol® has proven to improve skin health and appearance by accelerating collagen synthesis and fighting oxidative stress.

This benefit gives Naticol® the edge over some other natural active compounds, which only fight oxidative stress.

Sugar-Free Collagen Gummies

Functional gummies are popular with many consumers today, who are suffering from ‘pill fatigue’ and therefore are increasingly reluctant to use dietary supplements.

To help companies tap into this opportunity, Weishardt has created a solution for formulating sugar-free ‘diet gummies’ containing Naticol® fish collagen peptides, which have been shown in scientific studies to deliver benefits associated with weight management.

As well as a healthy nutritional profile, Naticol® gummies also contain Weishardt’s high quality gelatine, ensuring a delicious chewiness and a perfect melt-in-the mouth texture every time.