Savoury jellies using our Gelarome® range

Weishardt International, who is highly skilled in the use of gelatine and functional ingredients, can offer you a complete range of savoury jellies, under its exclusive brand name GELAROME®.

  • Powder form and ready to use
  • Gelatine of different origins : pigskin, bovine, fish or “vegetable”.
  • Flavoured (meat, fish, spices, fruit, alcohol…..)
  • Coloured (crystal, amber, semi-amber, made-to-measure)
  • Different setting points and viscosities available according to your process.
  • No declarable allergens and no e-numbers according to your specification.
  • Personalized.
  • Analyses on each batch (physicochemical and bacteriological).

When and where to use savoury jellies :
Traditionally, savoury jellies are used for “preserving” and for decorating (glazing/coating) terrines, ballotines and other cooked meat recipes.
The jellies also help to create a more consistent paste using pieces of meat or fish.
Jellies have emulsifying properties and help to stabilize different sauces and can also replace all or part of the animal fat content.

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