Our ACIMIX range

  • Brine mix for cooked ham
* superior quality
* choice quality
* standard quality
  • Mix for dried sausages, pancetta, mortadella
  • Ready to use mix for brawn
  • Mousse mix for liver patés and patés
  • Mix for sausage meat, chipolatas, spicy sausages and meat stuffing
  • Flavouring for salted meats
  • Heat treated spice blends

  • Stabilizing formulae for mousses : Blends containing the basic ingredients for whipped and jellified savoury mousses, appetizers…
  • Blends for vegetable dishes

  • Blend for binding and flavouring sauces
  • Blend for white sauce
  • Stabilizing systems for mayonnaise

Research is carried out to find personalized functional solutions (secrecy contract)

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